If you are interested in buying a home, that home is the place where you should be excited about returning to when you have been away.  A place where your children, small or grown, feel comfortable about spending time.  it should be a place that satisfies the desires in all of us.  A place of comfort and peace.  A place to calm the senses.

At Phillips Properties Group we are of one mind and everyone who works here has the same calling.  That one vision is to the find the perfect house, one at a time, for every home buyer we work with.  We carefully and tirelessly evaluate homes for sale to look for the best possible match.  If it takes a month or a year to find the right property, nothing less will do!

We have to work very hard to find the best of deals on the house with the the right "feel," the right space and the features that will provide a "HOME" for each family members' needs.

We want to go back to each of our clients in a year and have them tell us how perfect the home we found fits their needs.

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If you are looking for a real estate partner with the resources, experience and work ethic to help you find that perfect home,  please contact Phillips Properties Group.  Call 919-346-1346 or 855-532-8879 or 919-346-1346, fill out our Contact Us form, or email us at


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