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Robert Villnave

Robert Villnave
Robert Villnave was born in Syracuse, NY in 1975 the son of a carpenter and waitress.  Growing up on apple and goat farms living a seasonal life moving to where the work was he understands the struggles of finding a new home, and leaving behind favored memories.  Studding culinary arts while putting himself through college as a mechanical engineer, he went on to continue living the life of a wanderer.  After living in all 48 of the contiguous states he made his way back to Syracuse to start his first official business. After a few years of that he was then recruited into the Trade Sales Department of an international company to help teach retail store how to grow their business to provide for the life they dreamed of.  After 20 years of helping others with their businesses it was time for the next challenge, marriage.  Very shortly after getting married in 2012 he now has a son and daughter.  After making a few state to state moves with some new companies, with his family in tow, he decided it was time for a change.  And so he decided to become a North Carolina Real Estate Broker with PPG to help families find their forever home.
When you are ready for someone to not only be on your side, but someone who can empathize, with your next life move just let us know how we can help.
Contact robert@phillips-ppg.com.

Contact: robert@phillips-ppg.com or 229-798-2154, Office 919-346-1346


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